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JLK Jewelry is committed to making fine crafted quality jewelry. Occasionally things go wrong and I will repair anything that was our fault at no charge. But still things can go wrong, by bending and twisting and using. I will repair those usually at no charge either (contact me as it will be dependant on the damage and how old the piece might be), please include a check for the postage ($5 first class, $10 priority) or you can pay on line.

My commitment is to finely crafted jewelry, however it does need tbe cared for properly. You won't need to do anything unusual though: 

  • My silver pieces are made from sterling silver, which is an alloy of silver and copper; chains, ear wires, and all other components are sterling silver unless noted otherwise (enamel is fired onto copper).

  • Silver tarnishes naturally. It’s affected by the environment it’s worn in and your body chemistry, so it will react differently for everyone. If your piece does tarnish, use a jeweler’s polishing cloth or a fine sanding sponge (for a satin finish) to remove it.

  • You should avoid wearing jewelry while swimming and in hot tubs due to the chlorine which can be very damaging to the sterling silver

  • Bathing with silver jewelry on is not recommended but is not going to hurt your jewelry, but it can react and darken depending on your water and your body chemistry.

  • If your jewelry has large dark areas of patination in the design (the dark areas) avoid polishing those areas as the cloth may remove the oxidation.

  • I recommend not using liquid cleaners as they remove the oxidation you want as well as the tarnish and can damage your piece.

  • For jewelry includes stones, my main stones are ceramic and are very durable and a bit of soap and water can be used for cleaning if needed. Accent stones are semiprecious and the same procedure can be used.

  • I'll happily repair (see above) or refresh/repolish your JLK Jewelry pieces at no cost, just ship it to me. I only charge for return shipping ($5 for First Class and $10 for priority Please make arrangements prior to shipping though, so I can be on the lookout.. 

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