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Wholesale Only. This is a hidden page available only to retail establishments that carry my work. Click an image to enlarge it and scroll through 13 sections.

Terms: Minimum order $550, subsequent orders minimum $350. Due to limitations of my web host, I publish these sheets with the wholesale price listed. All my work is sterling silver, accented with semi-precious stones and often 14K gf (I want to go back to 18K but prices are a bit high now). The work features high fired ceramic cabochons or my torch fired enamel pieces. I do note some stones that are mined and unusual for me!

Please send me your list and I will create an invoice for you in Square, or if you are established we will do payment by check 30 days net. I will send your order out by Priority Mail with tracking. Also please note that if more than one gallery is checking this page and making lists, some items may be showing but unavailable. I will keep this updated as quickly as possible and if there is something you really want that is unavailable, I will try to recreate pieces for you, or if I am unable to will advise you asap.


Many sold items may be recreated and made in multiples so feel free to ask about sold items. Enamels are all one of a kind.

Call me on 910-464-26543 or text or call me on 910-603-9890 (anytime) with any questions. Email:
Thank you so very much for your support of me and my work!!

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