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What People Are Saying..... "I get more comments on the piece I bought from Jennie than any jewelry I've ever owned. It is much more beautiful than the website picture, which was stunning. The quality of the gem and the artistry of the metalwork are superb. What a treasure this necklace is for me." Suzanne R. ​ "My husband purchased my necklace (two birds and stones) at the Hendersonville NC Art On Main. I get many compliments and enjoy wearing it. Hope to see you in Hendersonville this coming October. Love your unique necklace designs." Paulina W. "I have purchased multiple pieces of Jennie's jewelry over the years & she never fails to come up with exciting new creations. Always testing her talents in new crafting with bold design & beautiful materials is her trademark. She is a North Carolina treasure." Jan D. "Jennie’s creations combine my love of pottery and jewelry. Her pieces are so beautiful and unique, and I get lots of compliments when I wear them. I had bought a necklace from her but couldn’t quite find earrings that I wanted to go with the necklace. She handcrafted a set of custom earrings that matched the necklace and my requested features perfectly. She is great to work with, and I love wearing her one-of-a-kind jewelry." DL "Jennie's jewelry is extremely unique. I have people stop me to admire whatever piece I am wearing at the time. You will never see the exact same necklace, ring, bracelet or pair of earrings anywhere else - these are all "one of a kind". Whatever your choice, you will never be disappointed. " Katie C. "I am generally not a "jewelry person," but was just blown away when a friend gave me one of your ginkgo pendants for my birthday last year. I wear it more often than any other necklace and receive at least one compliment every time I do. Your pieces are unique, tasteful, and stunning. Thank you for sharing your remarkable gift." Ellen J. ​ JLK jewelry is even more beautiful in person than it is in photographs. The quality of her work is incredible. Her designs are both modern and timeless, and can be worn equally well with jeans and that going-to-a-party dress. Every piece is unique and gorgeous, and you will get compliments every time you wear it. If you are hesitating about buying a piece-- Don't! Someone else will quickly snatch it up! Elizabeth R ​ see more on the contact page ​ ​ 1/2 © 2016-2022 JLK Jewelry. All rights reserved.

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