Jennie Lorette Keatts creates pottery cabochons using Jugtown Pottery clay and glazes. The glazes are layered on often times fired multiple times to create stones full of depth and color. She sets the stones in sterlings silver, accenting with semi-precious stones and sometimes gold. All parts of her work are handmade from sterling silver, except the pin stems which are stainless steel and she uses bought sterling silver chains.

Raised in New Hampshire, Jennie graduated from college in Boulder Colorado and went into the Hospitality and Tourism field for the next 16 years starting in food and beverage and working up the chain to International Director of Sales and Marketing with an international hotel chain, and then International Tourism Marketing with the Denver Convention and Visitors Bureau. In 1999 she decided to make a complete change in life, and moved to NC to pursue a jewelry making career. Mostly self taught, following a semester at a community college in Denver, she creates a full line of work in sterling silver.

Jennie has collectors from all over the world, and occasionally works on collaborative pieces with her sister Pamela Owens, Jugtown Pottery. One of their silver and clay collaborations is in the Mint Museum collection. In 2021Jennie was awarded an Artist Support Grant by the NC Arts Council which allowed her to purchase two new pieces of equipment that will expand the creative and productive aspects of her work. She is very grateful for this and continues to expand her ideas.




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